Overflow pools

Pools that do not have skimmers normally have what is called an overflow system. A channel is constructed around the edge of the pool and inside this channel there are drains (normally called gutter drains) which collect the water and convey it to a balancing tank (surge tank). This is a collecting vessel and which is used to “balance” and compensate for the water leaving the pool through the drains . The water is pumped through the filtration system and back out through the return inlets.

Skimmer Pool

The swimming pool skimmer is to pull water into the system from the pool’s surface with a skimming action, pulling in floating objects, such as leaves, before they sink to the bottom of the pool. Typically, a pool over 700 Square feet will be equipped with 2 skimmers. The water pours over the weir (pivoting flap) that allows water and debris to enter. The debris is caught in the skimmer basket and the water is sent through a pipe located at the bottom of the skimmer, through the filter pump. When the pool pump is turned off, the weir floats into closed position preventing debris from going back into the swimming pool.

Pipe Free Filtration Pool

There’s no such thing as a pipe free filtration system. Just one that’s all contained in one underground box. Within this box is contained a pump, a cartridge filter , Inlet, Skimmer and vacuum joined with pipes. It’s water collecting , filtration, then water back out through return inlet to pool.

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